Pimp My Bike with the Rolling Eyes

It’s open season for bike-pimping, Belgian website Ergomot declares, and the Rolling Eyes add-on lighting systems are about the craziest and at the same time, funkiest upgrade you can get for your bike. Though angel eyes were cool? Watch the Rolling Eyes and cry yourself to sleep, BMW!
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Ergomot Rolling EyesErgomot Rolling EyesErgomot Rolling EyesErgomot Rolling EyesErgomot Rolling EyesErgomot Rolling EyesErgomot Rolling Eyes
Now, truth be told, I’m not sure these add-ons are even road-legal, but I am positive a lot of guys who enjoy bling on their bikes will get them, as the prices are extremely nifty. Even though the manufacturer says these are “parade-lights” I just know that having the Goldwing projector kit and using its Police-like flashes is too much of a temptation, regardless of the consequences.

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Keeping things on the safe side of the law, the Rolling Eyes can double as top-notch brake lights and turn signals, with both of the functions available simultaneously. These lighting kits are available for Honda Goldwing, as it seems the maker owns such a bike, but retrofitting them on other models should not be extremely difficult.

The Rolling Eyes can be programmed with a smartphone or tablet app, which is apparently available in both Apple and Android flavors. With a Rolling Eyes trunk spoiler available for only €99 ($) and the largest light kit running you €200 ($), pimping your Goldwing or other bike and turning a lot of head in the neighborhood is definitely doable. Still, some of those heads could belong to cops, and they have their own flashes…

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