Pilote's X-Edition Camper Van Shows Us That You Don't Need a Lot for a Complete Solution

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If we consider the plethora of camper van manufacturers out there and the number of new units that hit the market each day, it's no wonder most of us have a hard time figuring out what's right for them. Well, it's French motorhome brand Pilote's turn to show us how things are done, and the lineup to do so is none other than the X-Edition.
Before you go on, be sure to take a nice long look at the images in the gallery and comment on just how much you believe an X-Edition will cost you. Go ahead; don't be shy. Once you're done answering, come back to the test to see how you fared.

Well, it's difficult to pinpoint an exact number on an X-Edition as each one is unique because Pilote offers an array of options and features to choose from aside from the predetermined layouts they offer; there are four floorplans in total.

Nonetheless, the average 2024 conversion will cost around €80K, which equates to roughly $85K (at current exchange rates). So, how close were you to this number? No matter how close you were, we're still going to dive into just how that's possible. To do that, I've chosen the V600G floorplan, as it's the one that Pilote calls "the benchmark in terms of converted vans." That's a very bold statement.

Photo: Pilote
One way Pilote can keep the X-Edition's price at a minimum is by building what we see upon a Fiat Ducato chassis that can pull along a total of 6,500 kg (14,330 lbs) of vehicle and trailer with no more than a 140 hp engine. Yes, it's a diesel.

Yet, it's not the chassis that's of so much interest to me, but rather, the creature comforts and the lifestyle the X-Edition can offer. After all, most of my time spent in a camper isn't going to be on the road; it's going to be nestled underneath some treeline on the edge of a forest or in a camper park. Hmm, a beach sounds amazing!

So, upon arriving at your destination, it's time to see what Pilote is bragging about. For starters, the V600G is a couple's unit, so the space will be shared with no one but your significant other. This is made possible by an East-West bedding arrangement found at the rear, garage space underneath and all that, and toward the front of the unit, Pilote provides spaces like a 3-in-1 wet bath, galley with flush countertop and all the appliances you need, and a large dinette that doubles as a workspace in case you're a digital nomad. Neatly enough, for a few bucks more, this space can be endowed with modular sleeping abilities.

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I'd like to point out the cabinetry that Pilote decided is a good fit for the V600G. Personally, I liked it. It combines natural and composite materials to give owners a variety of storage options and illuminated by both artificial light and Ra's power alone.

While I could go over more of the interior, there are plenty of other features and systems to discuss, so I'll start with those. First, the V600G is ready for four-season use, and this is made possible not only by the level and style of insulation used to craft the body but also by the standard insulated and heated water tanks. Throw in a Truma Combi heating system, and you're good to go.

Furthermore, an electrical system that comes with a 120 W solar panel as standard is also in place. The latter can be extended to include much more panel-processing power, so do let Pilote know what you need. As for freshwater, up to 110 liters (29 gals) of the life-giving juice can be brought along.

Photo: Pilote
However, judging by the images on the manufacturer's website and Facebook pages, the X-Edition lineup is also very equipped for outdoor living. We can see an awning in the mix, meaning we'll be able to lounge around the side of our units, but if we also swing open the rear doors, we'll connect ourselves with the world around directly from the comfort of our bed.

Just picture having a coffee and breakfast in the morning from up here. Imagine the sunsets and cuddling moments that follow. See yourself unloading e-bikes to ride up to a local ridge, all the while your significant other is right there beside you. More than that, the X-Edition lineup also invites you to chase the winter snowstorms in search of the perfect powder; how about finding the perfect wave?

You know, for some reason, I'm feeling like Europe has long been beating the US at the camper van game for some years now, and the only question on my mind is when the US will catch up. As far as I know, Pilote doesn't ship to the US, so this one will go down as nothing more than an inspiration to North American customers—lucky Europeans.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of X-Edition vehicles and features.

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