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Pilatus P2 Served in the Mighty Swiss Air Force, Is Cheaper Than a McLaren GT

Have you ever heard of the Swiss Air Force? Probably not, given how the European nation has historically been a staunch supporter of neutrality in global affairs. But it does have an Air Force, and it does have other military branches because its neutrality is an armed one.
Pilatus P2 4 photos
Pilatus P2Pilatus P2Pilatus P2
In fact, even if it doesn’t take part in international conflicts, the country is part of the NATO Partnership for Peace, and its forces do go abroad in peacekeeping missions. According to the latest data, the country fields a little over 450 aircraft, ranging from F/A-18 Hornets to F-5 Tiger IIs.

The nation is also home to one of the most proficient manufacturers of trainer aircraft. It’s called Pilatus and has been in business since 1939. During that time, it made a wide range of trainer aircraft, some of which we’ve already featured, like the PC-7.

Today it’s time for another find on the warbird collector market. It’s a P2, one a tad older than the PC-7, having been made in 1950, but still in working order.

The P2 is a bloodline that came to be in the year the Second World War ended, 1945. Sporting dual control tandem seating, the propeller aircraft can reach a maximum speed of 340 kph (210 mph) and a maximum range of 865 km (537 miles). It was extensively used by the Swiss Air Force for training purposes between 1946 and 1981. It also made its way over to Haiti to serve there as well.

The one we have here, a 1950 model year, was used as a trainer as well. It still packs the original hardware, down to the Argus engine that spins the propeller. The time since new on this aircraft is 1,148 hours, but we’re told it is in good condition and “still fully operational.”

The airplane is on sale, and the asking price is lower than what someone would usually pay for a brand new McLaren GT: $180,000.

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