Picking Up Girls in the DeLorean Time Machine Not Only Works but It's also Fun

Picking Up Girls in the DeLorean Time Machine Does Not Only Work but It's Also Fun 1 photo
Photo: Whatever
You’d expect people to turn their heads after a Lamborghini revving its lungs out in the open. Heck, a parked Ferrari 458 will do the job too, not to mention there was this guy once who didn’t even need to say anything to get girls to ride along in his exotic ride. But a DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine? Well, that is something else.
If you’re one of the affected Americans who are getting ready for the ugly, dull winter, then we’ll alarm you upfront: what you’re about to see will trigger the hotness boiling point. Sure, that’s the whole purpose when it comes to this YouTube account explicitly, but this time they managed to surpass themselves big time.

The video was posted yesterday, but we had too much Back To The Future talks to be able to discuss this one as well. The funny folks over at Whatever somehow got their hands on an actual DeLorean Time Machine, and one of the guys dressed like Marty McFly - pink hoverboard included. Not only did he manage to pick up girls but he also had a blast, with a lot of passers-by asking about the vehicle while others made the regular time travel jokes.

Did the hoverboard work? Of course it didn’t, but people still liked it. Surprisingly, it appears hot girls have no problem getting inside of a 1980s vehicle that doesn’t look quite like the safest car in the world. Even when the driver invites them to hit the 88mph mark with the DeLorean, nobody steps back.

Should we worry about safety and all the other issues? We say there’s no reason to do that. As a matter of fact, the confidence girls have that the car is capable of such performance only tells us how great of a vehicle it was from the very beginning. Or maybe they simply watched the movie - even though most of them probably weren’t even born when it hit the big screens.

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