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Pick Your Favorite Exhaust: Hamann and Akrapovic M4s Rev in Monaco – Video

 Top Marques Monaco brought together some of the best tuned cars in the world and spotters were aplenty in the area during the event to catch the best of the best on camera. Amongst the cars filmed here were a couple of BMW M4s too, of course.
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The replacement car for the M3 Coupe is now making history being the first of its kind to use a turbocharged engine. Of course, that approach was needed, and that's why BMW went with such a solution but that doesn't mean that they didn't get a lot of flak from enthusiasts.
Fortunately, turbo-lag, the one issue everyone feared, was kept in check, and a lot of people didn't complain about it too much. That moved the focus on other things, like the exhaust sound, for example.
What a lot of people still don't seem to understand is that we're dealing with an inline 6-cylinder configuration here and not a V8 as it was the case on the old M3. Then there's the forced induction whizz that makes itself known at times, an issue that can't be solved all that easily if at all.
However, we found the sound of the M4 satisfying enough during our test drive. It's not the case of everyone though, and that's why aftermarket exhausts might do the trick. 
We've heard countless versions so far and found that the hardest battle to be fought will be between the option offered by the masters from Akrapovic and Hamann. Yes, Hamann.
Even though the German tuner isn't widely known especially for its exhaust systems, it managed to come up with a more than decent offering. You can hear it compared next to an Akrapovic-fitted car in the video below. Moreover, the Hamann M4 is none other than their unique art car, created by a famous German comic book designer. Let us know which one does the trick for you.

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