Piaggio Prepares New Vespa Models to Reach the 1mil Units Target

Piaggio has entered the Indian market in April 2012 and has really high hopes for making it really big there. With multi-million 2-wheeled vehicles sales, India is one of the biggest markets and Piaggio is looking to get a piece of the "cake" with their Piaggio and Vespa scooters.
Piaggio Prepares New Vespa Models 4 photos
Piaggio Prepares New Vespa ModelsPiaggio Prepares New Vespa ModelsPiaggio Prepares New Vespa Models
However, what works well in Europe and North America is not guaranteed to work just as good in India, and this lead to Piaggio re-thinking the marketing strategy. While the initial LX125 automatic scooter they brought to India received a warm welcome, more new models are needed if Piaggio is to really reach their optimistic 1,000,000 units sold target.

Ravi Chopra, Piaggio Chairman and MD hopes that 2013 will brings a disc brake scooter, a sport one and an 150cc version. The sport Vespa will be called LXS125 and will feature a square headlight, red suspension rod with black springs, a hybrid console and more. Some engine tweaks are also planned, for obtaining more power (rumored 12 hp) and retailing for a base price of Rs. 63,661/- ($1,185 or €882).

While the sport and disc brake versions are expected in 2013, the bigger 150cc one will most likely be available next year.


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