Photo Comparison: BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept versus Audi Prologue Concept

As Audi was taking the veil off its Prologue Concept at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, my mind couldn’t help but wonder how this car will match up against BMW’s own Vision Future Luxury Concept. That’s because both of them are showing us where the two rivals are heading to in the highest tiers. Therefore, a photo comparison was mandatory.
BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept versus Audi Prologue Concept 6 photos
Photo: Image edited by autoevolution
BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept vs Audi Prologue ConceptBMW Vision Future Luxury Concept vs Audi Prologue ConceptBMW Vision Future Luxury Concept vs Audi Prologue ConceptBMW Vision Future Luxury Concept vs Audi Prologue ConceptBMW Vision Future Luxury Concept vs Audi Prologue Concept
Looking at the two you can’t help but notice a lot of similitudes but also each brand’s own design language. It’s a stunning fact that while they seem to be looking too close for comfort, they also feel authentic at the same time.

On the one hand, we have a Coupe with the same grille up front as on the current A8 but with a different set of headlights that are extremely similar to those on the current A5, only sleeker in dimension.

Round the back, the Prologue shows a completely new taillight design that has the two units on the sides connected to each other and featuring LED technology while the exhaust tips are trapezoidal.

Since this is a coupe, the roof shape also reminds us of the A5 somehow, even though the car’s size is in a completely different league. That’s the league in which the S-Class and 7 Series are playing at the moment and that’s what Audi is aiming for.

Inside, we were surprised by the spartan look of things, rather unusual for Audi. Everything is simple and yet complicated at the same time, with the display in front of the passenger showing a wide array of data and the center stack showcasing plenty of buttons for everyone to play with.

However, the dash is too simple and looks straight up like it came from the 60s, with a wide profile and simply no add-ons whatsoever, except the instrument cluster in front of the driver.

The BMW side of things

When it comes to the BMW, things go in a different direction. This time we’re looking at a sedan that encompasses all the attributes we’ve grown to love on a Bavarian machine.

Up front, we have the same old kidney grilles that have noticeably grown in size, as well as new headlights featuring laser lights and corona rings with a slightly new shape. The air intakes on the front bumper are different as well, being more visually enhancing rather than practical.

On the sides, the Hoffmeister kink was kept and makes itself noticed, as well as the coach doors. Round the back, OLED taillights show us their 3D blades while the tailpipes have a similar design to the ones on the Audi, with a trapezoidal shape.

Inside, the materials used and the design show us a big evolution of today’s features. The wheel looks brilliant and stylish, with leather and aluminum combined, while the dash has two displays that are also functional, allowing the passenger to send info to the driver with only one touch of the screen.

A similar minimalistic approach was used here as well, but unlike Audi, it features no overly complicated areas. Everything is simple and has to serve a purpose. The new layered head-up display will take care of everything else.

Looking at these photos, we couldn’t help but wonder which one will be more appreciated in the years to come. Since these are the concepts that will dictate how cheaper, smaller models will look like in each range, they are of outmost importance. So, which one wins your like?
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