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Philadelphia Tow Truck Company Accused of Creating Tow Trap

Did you ever get scammed, or has someone ever attempted to trick you in any way through a hustle?
The parking space in Philadelphia were cars kept getting towed 10 photos
The white Ford F-Series was used to keep space in front of the targeted parking spotTow truck in action, same parking spotThis is what is written on the signThis sign was laid down when expecting a "new customer."Sign gets back up just before towing, and remains up for awhileThis sign was laid down when expecting a "new customer."George Smith Towing IncGeorge Smith Towing IncGeorge Smith Towing Inc
Well, all scams work on similar principles (isn’t it ironic that scams have principles?), which involve making a victim believe that the scammer is entirely legitimate in their requests.

From there, each of the hustling techniques plays its part, but all scams make victims think it is the real deal and that there is nothing wrong with what’s happening.

The latest scam involves a towing company in South Philadelphia, and its “don’t park here” sign. The situation is still being investigated, but a local ABC station has revealed footage of the company allegedly planting a “trap” for unsuspecting citizens.

The described plan involved a sign that is hidden until someone parks in front of it. From there, the same warning is lifted back to a vertical position, instead of laying on its back, and the “target” vehicle gets towed. According to residents in the area, like Chris Norman, this thing has been going on for some time.

A video embedded below from Chris Norman’s Facebook reveals how the company was keeping a white Ford F-Series truck in front of the targeted parking spot, and how it was being moved so that the tow vehicle will get quick access to the victim’s car when they decided to apply the plan.

At this point, with no convictions and no official responses on the matter, we cannot precisely say that this is a scam. We may feel that way, but we cannot prove it at the moment, so we are going to remind everyone that this may just be a striking coincidence.

The towing company in question is called George Smith Towing Inc. According to the Better Business Bureau, this company is not accredited by them, and has the lowest rating available on their website.

We can only expect one of the owners that had to pay to get their car back from the said towing company to make a formal complaint to the authorities.


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