Peugeot Offers Space Travel as a Competition Prize

One small step for man, one giant leap of the imagination for Peugeot’s marketing team, as the company becomes the first car manufacturer in the UK to offer space travel as a competition prize.

Basically, it all about the 3008 Space Odyssey – an ‘out of this world’ event which will see one lucky winner literally jetting to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere. To top it all off, the French carmaker has also dreamed up a ground-breaking summer-long event aimed at further boosting the profile of its multi-award winning 3008 Crossover vehicle.

“At Peugeot we are again boldly going where no other car manufacturer has gone before! Incredibly it is 50 years since Yuri Gagarin made that historic first trip into space and who would have thought we at Peugeot would be giving someone the opportunity to follow in his footsteps. Whoever wins could become one of just a handful of Britons who have ever ventured there,” Morgan Lecoupeur, Director of Marketing Peugeot UK.

Those who want to be in with a chance at winning must spot one of 20 Peugeot 3008s perched atop some of London’s best-known buildings or simply land at a local dealership to test drive the 3008. To take the challenge and find all 20 cars, you’ll have to visit Finding one Peugeot 3008 gives you a single entry into the draw. Five Peugeots entitles 20 entries, and all 20 cars ensures 100 chances to win. As the panorama image carries a vast amount of detail, clues to the locations will be ‘leaked’ online through various social media channels.

Those space travel enthusiasts unable to hunt the 3008s online or in the metal can still win by simply booking a 3008 test drive at their local Peugeot Dealership.


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