Peugeot e-1008 Will Give Europe a New Affordable EV by 2025

This article only came to life thanks to the French website L’Argus and Yovan Dragic. It was L’Argus that revealed that the project P44 – planned to give South American buyers the Peugeot 1008 – will allow Stellantis to sell the Peugeot e-1008 in Europe. Dragic created the beautiful rendering above and other images you can check on his Behance page. He was kind enough to allow autoevolution to tell you this story with his work.
Peugeot e-1008, or Project P44 10 photos
Photo: Yovan Dragic
Peugeot 1008 mulePeugeot 1008 mulePeugeot 1008 mulePeugeot 1008 mulePeugeot 1008 mulePeugeot 1008 mulePeugeot 1008 mulePeugeot 1008 mulePeugeot 1008 mule
According to L’Argus, Stellantis wants to do as Renault and Dacia and sell an affordable electric car in Europe. That vehicle will be the Peugeot e-1008 we mentioned above. The project P44 was conceived to give South American customers an affordable SUV. Nowadays, they can buy the Renault Kwid, which is not an SUV but looks pretty much like one. European buyers can buy something similar but powered by electrons: the Dacia Spring.

When the P44 is released in Brazil by 2025 as the Peugeot 1008, Stellantis plans to sell its electric version in the Old Continent. With a length of about 4.15 m (163.4 inches), it will follow the same concept created by the Ford EcoSport. It will benefit from a simplified CMP platform to be affordable. The EcoSport was designed in Brazil as a modified Ford Fusion (the European one) under project code BV226: V stood for Velho (old, in Portuguese).

The simplified platform will not be enough for the e-1008 to achieve a low price tag: it will likely have a small battery pack and a modest electric engine. L’Argus does not mention how big the battery pack would be, but the Dacia Spring counts on 26.8 kWh. What the French website knows is that the motor will not deliver more than 80 hp.

Concerning the design, it has not been decided yet. In fact, Carlos Tavares would have asked Matthias Hossann to completely change what Gilles Vidal – his predecessor as Peugeot’s design director – had already presented. Vidal is currently in Renault. All L’Argus knows is that it will be boxy for it to be as roomy as possible.

Although the European Union and Mercosul have signed a free-trade deal, it is improbable that the e-2008 will be produced in Brazil. Instead, Stellantis plans to manufacture it at the Trnava plant in Slovakia. The Peugeot 208 and the Citroën C3 come from that factory.
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Editor's note: Photo gallery shows a Peugeot sub-compact crossover mule.

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