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Peugeot 206 Sedan Catches Fire After Accident in Russia

We have not seen that many car catch fire after a minor accident, but apparently the Peugeot 206 sedan (not built in France) is not as safe or as good as its French-built sibling.
After being squeezed between a bus and another car, the 206 slams into the back of a bus and immediately catches fire. Three of the four passengers escape, but one seems to be trapped in the back, as the right rear door seems jammed. The fourth passenger is eventually freed but the experience definitely wasn’t a pleasant one.

This goes to show that building a car down to a certain price (like this and the Fiat Albea), and in the case of the 206 sedan, it is much lower than what the 206 hatchback cost when it was still being made in France and sold in Europe. Safety seems to be last on these people’s list of priorities!


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