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Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Buy Old Staten Island Ferry, It’s a Punchline on SNL

Saturday Night Live stars Pete Davidson and Colin Jost invested in an old Staten Island ferry, and they have big plans for it. But, until then, they can settle for being a punchline on SNL’s latest skit.
John F. Kennedy Ferry 12 photos
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Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, both from Staten Island, are trying to improve the way people commute into Manhattan. The two SNL stars purchased the John F. Kennedy, a decommissioned ferry which was part of the Staten Island Ferry fleet, at an auction recently. They teamed up with Manhattan real estate broker and comedy club owner Paul Italia and purchased the old ship for $280,000.

The John F. Kennedy ferry was built in 1965, and they used to ride it into Manhattan before they were famous. So, they have big plans for it.

The idea is to turn the space into a live entertainment event space, with comedy, music, art, et cetera,” Italia told the New York Post. “We’re in the early stages, but everybody involved had the same ambition — not to see this thing go to the scrapyard,” Italia said.

It’s quite a long way there, because the ferry currently doesn’t even move. So, a lot more money will go into restoring it. The guys have ten days to get the vessel out of the St. George Ferry Terminal and they’re looking for local shipyards before starting the renovation.

However, their big purchase was a punchline on SNL. Pete Davidson, who is currently going on with Kim Kardashian, and Jost, who is married to actress Scarlett Johansson, called themselves “boat people.”

It started with Alex Moffat, whose character was "Guy Who Just Bought a Boat." Then he turned to Pete Davidson, introduced as "Guy Who Just Bought a Ferry."

Pete joked, as usual, and told Colin, "We’re boat people now, Colin. I mean, you always were. You look like you own the yacht they rent out for rap videos." Colin also added that it’s "very exciting. We thought the whole thing through."

We can’t wait to see the result of their hard work.

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