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Period-Correct C4 Chevrolet Corvette Befriends the Judgment Day Terminator

How many catchphrases do you remember from the Terminator franchise? Good, how many of them can you attribute to the T2 Judgment Day installment and how many to the rest of the entries? Action, lots of explosions, the sci-fi time-travel element, Linda Hamilton’s incredibly tough lady character, and Arnold’s well-built physique along with Cameron’s direction turned T2 into an instant cult classic.
Terminator C4 Chevrolet Corvette 63 photos
Terminator C4 Chevrolet CorvetteTerminator C4 Chevrolet CorvetteTerminator C4 Chevrolet CorvetteTerminator C4 Chevrolet CorvetteTerminator C4 Chevrolet CorvetteTerminator C4 Chevrolet CorvetteTerminator C4 Chevrolet Corvette
There are lots of automobiles in the franchise – most of them being destroyed in the most unorderly conceivable way. Which is why you really cannot say there is one definitive model engraved on your retina forever – such as that Transformers Special Edition Camaro. No worries, because here is another General Motors product coming to the rescue.

It is a hilarious attempt, though, as you can see in the video embedded below. For sure, some have imagined the 1983 to 1996 Corvette is always up for increasing its value. But no one managed to do it by a full “one billion percent.” Until now, thanks to Rudy Willingham’s rogue idea. The guy has a knack for exploring the world around him in a different way. He is an artist, though not of the classical type.

Instead, he takes real life to paper level – using cutouts from one of the world’s most ubiquitous material, he transforms everything around him according to his imagination. He is a rather known artist featured on ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, & Reddit according to his Instagram page description.

But we are not here to discuss his art in general, just one part of it and in a very specific way. One that involves the likeness of both the T-800 Terminator played on way too many occasions by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The idea is so simple it’s pure and utter genius. The artist mated a simple decal featuring the Terminator with the rear end of the Corvette. That would be quite ordinary – we have seen many legendary characters grace the bumpers of countless cars. But the positioning is everything – the paper cutout is expertly crafted to use the C4’s brake lights as red glowing eyes.

When seeing it happen on video makes you stop laughing and cringe a little. After you squeeze your buttocks a bit and then release because you remember this is just paper you can get back to smiling. Now you are truly ready to say, “I’ll be back.”


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