Perfectly Restored 1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible Could Be Your Cool Summer Ride

It's been 11 years since General Motors killed off Pontiac, but the American brand continues to live on through a handful of iconic nameplates. The GTO is one of them.
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1968 Pontiac GTO1968 Pontiac GTO1968 Pontiac GTO1968 Pontiac GTO1968 Pontiac GTO
Although it made a comeback as a U.S. version of the Australian-built Holden Monaro, the GTO name is actually famous for muscle cars from the past, specifically those built from 1964 to 1972.

1968 was also a great year for the GTO. That's when Pontiac launched the second-generation model, which dropped the sedan-like appearance of the original GTO for a fastback-style design with more curvaceous lines. The GTO had become a proper muscle car that year.

Unlike most of its rivals, the second-gen GTO was sold with only two engine options, both huge V8s. Pontiac offered a 6.6-liter V8 and a 7.5-liter mill with as much as 370 horsepower.

The car went through a few notable design changes in just two years, but the 1968 model remains among the most memorable. And this perfectly restored convertible version is proof that you can't go wrong with a second-gen GTO.

Discovered by the folks over at BarnFinds, the 1968 GTO shines in its Verdoro Green as it rolled out the assembly line yesterday. If the paint job won't knock your socks off, the impeccable chrome and the classy contrast provided by the white soft-top will.

The interior looks downright amazing with absolutely no signs of wear and tear. The two-tone finish in light green and Gold Parchment vinyl tastefully complements the bright green exterior.

The 6.6-liter V8 under the hood looks just as clean. And before you complain that it's the smaller of the two V8s available for the second-gen GTO, you should know that this mill cranks out 350 horsepower. It doesn't really get much better than this.

Transmission duties are handled by a three-speed automatic. This was one of three gearboxes available for the second-gen GTO, alongside three- and four-speed manuals. Even though I like to row my own, the automatic makes this GTO perfect for summer time cruising. Not a worry in the world!

So how much for this time capsule? It's listed at $39,900, which is an average price for a 1968 GTO without fancy options. Many examples from this period can cost in excess of $50,000.

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