Perfectly Placed Alleyway Saves Korean Driver from Out of Control Bus

We have stated on numerous other occasions that luck plays a very important role in car safety, and if you actually stop and think about it, you don`t need airbags, crumple zones and strengthening beams if you ‘get lucky’ and avoid the crash altogether.
Take the driver in this video, from South Korea, for instance. As he drives up along a narrow street, with no sidewalk and building walls just inches from the road surface (there is nowhere to avoid any oncoming traffic), a bus which seems to have run out of braking power makes its appearance, pushing and tossing other cars to the side, as it goes down the mildly-inclined stretch of road.

However, as luck would have it, the driver finds himself in the perfect place to avoid the crash - an alleyway to his right. Furthermore, one of the cars which gets pushed by the out of control bus, heads straight for the car with the camera, yet it is stopped by a solid concrete lamppost.

If this does not illustrate the importance of luck, then we don`t think we will ever have a more eloquent video to post.
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