People Testing Tesla's FSD Beta V11.4.2 Discovered a Dangerous Bug

Tesla rolled out the FSD Beta V11.4.2 one week later than promised, reportedly to iron out some easy-to-fix bugs in the previous version. Although the new build was praised by many, including Elon Musk, it also scared some experienced beta testers. One of the most significant issues noticed with this build is the strange behavior when encountering oncoming vehicles on an unmarked road.
People testing Tesla's FSD Beta V11.4.2 discovered a dangerous bug 9 photos
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Tesla releases FSD Beta V11.4.2Tesla releases FSD Beta V11.4.2Tesla releases FSD Beta V11.4.2Tesla releases FSD Beta V11.4.2Tesla releases FSD Beta V11.4.2Tesla releases FSD Beta V11.4.2Tesla releases FSD Beta V11.4.2Tesla releases FSD Beta V11.4.2
Tesla's Full Self-Driving is probably the most controversial software on the face of the Earth. While Tesla fans claim it's so good that Tesla should offer it to everyone to save lives, others say that, on the contrary, it's so bad that it should be banned to prevent it from killing people. As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Still, depending on how well it behaves in certain areas and situations, the perception can swing widely between the two.

One of the bugs the V11.4.2 was supposed to solve was the repeated slow-downs when encountering oncoming vehicles on a narrow road. This happened both on marked and unmarked roads, but the behavior was more dangerous on the latter. The FSD Beta would try to occupy the middle of the road, spooking the oncoming drivers. Elon Musk promised that the V11.4.2 would solve precisely this type of issue. After driving around for a couple of days with the new software version, experienced FSD Beta tester Chuck Cook discovered that the problem was now even worse.

Instead of sticking to the right side of the road as much as possible, the FSD Beta would swerve to the left toward an oncoming vehicle when driving on an unmarked road. It's unclear why the software would choose such a bizarre path, but it scared the crap out of both the oncoming driver and the beta tester. This behavior has been reported by multiple testers, who also said this made them feel uncomfortable. On the bright side, the braking is lighter than before, with the car slowing to 5-10 mph (8-15 kph) instead of stopping completely.

Another beta tester discovered that the software still moves into turn lanes randomly without slowing down. The driver had to take over and return the car to the appropriate lane. This may have also happened to a rookie FSD Beta tester a few days back when their vehicle entered the turn lane with too much speed and hit the curb. This kind of blunder is why drivers should be even more careful when driving with FSD engaged than they are when they're driving themselves.

The FSD Beta V11.4.2 came with the 2023.7.10 software update, which also introduced several other changes. We've already discussed reducing the FSD Beta suspension interval from two weeks to one. Based on what Green (@greentheonly) found out, the new update also bumps the Autowiper to V4 and adds the ability to disable "deep rain." The automatic emergency braking (AEB) system has also been improved to brake for cars cutting in front.

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