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People Love Off-Roaders So Much That Ford Bronco Made No Dent in Jeep Wrangler's Sales

There was so much hype surrounding the Ford Bronco that many people believed its arch-rival Jeep Wrangler would stand no chance to compete. And yet, the Wrangler seems unaffected by the Bronco’s arrival, consistently outselling it in the past six months.
Ford Bronco made no dent in Jeep Wrangler’s sales  7 photos
2023 Jeep Wrangler2023 Jeep Wrangler2023 Jeep WranglerEruption Green 2022 Ford Bronco four-door Outer Banks Sasquatch PackageEruption Green 2022 Ford Bronco four-door Outer Banks Sasquatch PackageEruption Green 2022 Ford Bronco four-door Outer Banks Sasquatch Package
Looking at the sales results in the past six months, we see that Jeep still sells about twice as many Wranglers as Ford Broncos. This is somehow unexpected, both because the latter is considered the better off-roader and because it’s also a lot more popular with customers. It looks like sales have nothing to do with popularity in this dysfunctional market.

The most recent numbers show that Ford sold around 55,000 Broncos in the year’s first half, whereas Jeep was just shy of the 100,000 mark with the Wrangler. That’s consistent with past results, at least since the Bronco sales caught up in Q4 2021. These results do not include the Ford Bronco Sport, a compact crossover based on the Escape with no ambition to compete against the Wrangler.

Considering how Wrangler’s sales have remained basically flat even as Ford started to churn out the Bronco, it becomes obvious that the market still needs even more off-roaders. The fact that the Bronco did not make a dent in Wrangler’s sales also shows that both brands probably have more prospective buyers than how many vehicles they can build. That’s surely the case with Ford Bronco, where customers wait up to a year or sometimes more to get their beloved off-roader.

Had Ford been able to build more Broncos, we’re sure the things would’ve looked different. Not necessarily because of falling Wrangler sales, but most probably because Ford would’ve certainly sold a lot more Broncos. At least as many as Jeep, considering Bronco is the more modern and cooler of the two. Despite being long in the tooth, Wrangler can still attract a good deal of loyal customers. More than that, one in ten Wranglers sold is of the 4xe variety, helping it retain the crown as the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in the U.S.


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