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Pending Confirmation: Lamborghini Reventon Roadster Launched Today

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster created quite a stir even since the first news regarding the model surfaced. However, no official confirmation was released, so no details are yet available on this exclusive model. Nevertheless, it might seem like the Italian manufacturer plans to debut the car to a bunch of clients today, before a public release scheduled for a later date, according to a report by

There are a lot of speculation regarding the powerplant that will be fitted on the Reventon Roadster. Basically, Lamborghini initially intended to power the Roadster with the same engine as on the LP670-4SV, but such a high output wasn't exactly appropriate for a roadster. The aforementioned source writes that Lamborghini will most likely use a customized version of LP650-4 Roadster's engine but, once again, it's only pure speculation.

As for production, we already know that Lamborghinis are usually very exclusive and quite expensive models. But it appears that the Italian manufacturer is trying a different approach when it comes to the number of Reventon Roadsters to be rolled off the assembly lines.

Lamborghini is reportedly planning to keep production aligned with demand, meaning that it will build as many cars as the consumers will demand. However, only a few deposits have been made since the car was announced so the Reventon Roadster might also hit the market as a 20-unit limited series, just like the Coupe counterpart. Pricing is rumored to go as high as - hold your breath, take a chair and sit - 1.1 million euros...

Still waiting for the official confirmation though...


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