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Pedal-Powered Hyundai Azera Redefines Cool

Some automakers choose to spend frightening amount of money on complex marketing campaigns for introducing new cars, using schemes that may or may not work. However, here is one creative idea that literally has the power to surprise.
Hyundai’s Chinese arm has decided to build a pedal-powered version of the Azera and unleash it on the street in order to gather the public’s attention. You can see the reactions in the adjacent videos. Oh, wait, this is Hyundai, so we can’t use Kia’s “power to surprise” slogan, we’ll have to correct the first paragraph.

It all started with with a “tubular chassis”, and from then on, the ingredients included plastic sheets, Styrofoam and Vinyl wrap. Like we said, the creation has been let loose, generating a wave of emotions.

Yes, we want one - no, not the real car, the one we saw in the adjacent videos!


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