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Pay by Phone Parking Launched in the US

Paying for a parking spot has never been easier, appears to say CityParking, as it announced the launch of the pay-by-phone system, apparently forgetting the fact that no one really likes to pay for this service.

Even so, it's easier for parking owners to take your money now because, whereas you can at times get away with it by saying you have no change, no one will ever believe you have no phone to pay with.

The system will be launched on December 1 in Richmond, Virginia and will eventually be available in 700 parking spaces in downtown Richmond. The single good news in all of this is that those signing up to pay this way will get discounted rates during evening and weekend hours.

And if you think you have a chance of becoming an exception just because you don't own a smart phones, we're sorry to tell you the pay system is so simple that it can be made to work on regular phones as well.

"CityParking Inc. is leveraging the cloud computing environment to enhance the way parking is managed. We are proving how the technologies that have been rapidly deployed in recent months down to the personal level can be incorporated into the parking experience and improve pricing and access to parking at the consumer level,"
said Gloria K. Sharrar, CityParking principal owner said

"This is a game-changer for Richmond's downtown parking. We are the first parking operator in Virginia to offer the pay by phone service for our parking lots."


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