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Paul Allen’s Massive Enchanted Hill Property Sold for Half of Its Original Asking Price

After the famous tech mogul and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen passed away in 2018, his incredibly-luxurious possessions, from a superyacht to several real estate properties, were placed on the market. We’ve talked about how his gigantic explorer will become available for charter for the first time, for more than $2 million per week. It was now time for his famous Enchanted Hill property to be snatched by a mysterious buyer.
Paul Allen's Enchanted Hill was listed for sale by Hilton & Hyland 11 photos
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Paul Allen’s former property doesn’t have just a beautiful name, but a beautiful story as well. It was first owned by a famous Hollywood couple in the era of silent movies, and Greta Garbo herself apparently was the one to name it, while attending a party. Unfortunately, Allen demolished the house itself, because he had much bigger plans for the stunning property in the famous Beverly Crest neighborhood, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline.

Those plans never came to life, so the massive piece of land was left underdeveloped, at the time of Allen’s death. Its initial asking price of $150 million didn’t stop several potential buyers, but none of the agreements came true, as was the case with Jeff Bezos himself, who allegedly was interested in investing in this property. By 2019, the price has already undergone a considerable slash.

The last known asking price for the Enchanted Hill was $95 million, and the offer included plans for a futuristic megamansion imagined by a Russian architect, according to Mansion Global. The renderings show an elegant, yet minimalistic building with glass walls and curved accents. In addition to this virtual main residence, the property could also include several guest houses, an entertainment complex, a luxurious wellness center, and facilities for horse riding.

It seems that someone was eventually conquered by this grandiose vision, as Enchanted Hills was finally sold. Although the transaction records aren’t publicly available, Mansion Global reports that it was sold for $65 million, which is less than half of the original asking price. It will be interesting to see how will Enchanted Hill be transformed and by whom – maybe Jeff Bezos will end up regretting not having sealed the deal earlier.


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