Patient Steals the Hospital's Ambulance, Drives Himself Home With It

Lopez used the ambulance as a getway car 1 photo
Someone please call 911... OK, maybe there’s no shooting involved, nor a love song by Wyclef, but we had to go with this joke. However, the story you’re about to read is as weird as it is hilarious so buckle up. A man in his late 30s from Goodyear, Ohio, decided he’ll flee the hospital he was in by using a Buckeye Valley Fire District ambulance who was parked outside as a getaway car.
First of all, away from what, right? It doesn't matter. Patient Michael Lopez just had to get away from a West Valley hospital so he used the ambulance who was parked in front of the building. He saw the ambulance, carefully hopped in and silently drove it to his Avondale home. Not silent enough, considering he was driving an ambulance with syrens...

According to Goodyear police department, police attempted to pull Lopez over, but he refused. Goodyear police spokeswoman Lisa Kutis says authorities later found the ambulance at Lopez’s home, so he didn't really escape.

State vehicles have GPS, big surprise

The reason this guy thought he’d need to escape the hospital is obviously hard to guess, but we’re also wondering if he ever thought about stealing another car, one that wouldn’t stand out that badly. Moreover, it’s kind of weird Lopez never thought about the fact that state vehicles such as police cars, fireman trucks or ambulances usually have a GPS tracking device, which means tracking the vehicle down is as simple as taking a 911 phone call.

You might think this fellow - who by the way was charged with theft, felony flight, failure to yield to police and disorderly conduct - is a rare case, but let us surprise you. Take 57-year old Marque Moore a bike thief from San Francisco, who tried to sell one of the stolen bikes back to the victim.

As opposed to others, however, Lopez will probably plead for temporary insanity, considering his deed is more of a Looney Tunes thing, than an actual crime, if you ask us.
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