Passenger Barely Escaped out of Sinking Audi Q7 After the Thin Ice Broke

Three Passengers Escape Out of Sinking Audi Q7 as The Car Is Swallowed by Melting Ice 1 photo
When you drive an almost 2,5-ton full-size SUV to a fishing festival that is held on a frozen lake the least you can do is being careful not to take the car on thin ice. It would probably be better not to drive the car on the lake at all, since guess what, the ice might crack anyway and you could risk having your car swallowed by the water while you’re still in it.
This almost happened the other day to three people sitting in an Audi Q7, but luckily they managed to get out in the last second. The passengers were attending the opening ceremony of the Shaman Winter Fishing Festival in Changchun, Jilin province, China two days ago when the unexpected (not so unexpected!) happened.

It appears the SUV approached too quickly and came to a screeching halt before drifting out into the frozen (but not so frozen after all) reservoir. At that point the driver clearly lost control of the car and reached a thiner layer of ice. The vehicle then started sinking into the depths of the water. Happily the man, woman and child climbed out the window just in time and nobody was injured.

People who witnessed the entire scene claim it took about five minutes for the Audi Q7 to completely submerge. Even though the car will most likely be towed out of the water, we’re pretty sure the chances it will ever get to drive on road again are quite low. We can only hope for the poor fellow to have a proper insurance so he could at least get another car instead.

It turns out even full-size SUVs have their limits when it comes to reckless drivers who have “no thinking” moments...
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