Parody of Back To The Future Tells the Bitter Truth About the Present

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Photo: College Humor on YouTube
We’ve all been waiting for cars to fly, hoverboards to cost a penny, and green technology to be more like yesterday than tomorrow. But did all our childhood expectations about 2015 really come true? According to this parody, we’re still a long way from home, so to speak.
You can watch the video below and have a good laugh. After all, we may be dealing with some problems that hold us back from using technology the proper way, but that doesn’t mean we have to be all grim about it. At the same time, you could see it as a wake-up call.

The video sees Marty McFly arriving to the future, on October 21, 2015, eager to see how humanity has evolved. He discovers that we’re all using biofuel to power our flying cars, electricity is expendable, and hoverboards are everywhere. Heck, technology should have evolved big time in three decades, right? Well, it did, but did we?

Bullying is officially condemned, yet the world wide Internet has become a worse high school playground, where mean boys still pick up on the weak. It’s that bad they make their colleagues commit suicide - the parody claims. Flying itself is not that easy anymore thanks to terrorism, and pollution is quite a big deal these days.

There are a couple of things to be noted, and perhaps we should all think about them. First of all, the cartoon McFly does find that technology has evolved, yet we are still living by a bad mentality, holding things back instead of using them in our common interest.

Doc Brown never says biofuel doesn’t exist, he’s just saying people are using fossil fuels. Then, he never states flying cars haven’t yet been invented, but he does mention how aircraft have become a weapon instead.

We’re not planning to spoil the video for you, so we’ll let you discover the rest. Nevertheless, we feel this parody is more about seeing the big picture than laughing out loud.

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