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Parking Lot Looks like It's Hosting the Convention of People Who Can't Park

Parking a car essentially means driving it into a specific spot, with the emphasis put on "driving." It's the same car with the same controls and the same dimensions as when you're cruising down the highway. And yet, so many people have difficulties with this part.
Bad parking in Croatia 1 photo
There are probably countless videos on the Internet that show people sucking at parking, and we've been guilty of featuring a few of the most savorous ourselves, but even though it doesn't have any dramatically bad maneuvers, this clip here is probably the best of them all.

We admit that we've never visited Croatia so far, so we can't speak based on first-hand experience, but unless this footage was taken in the parking lot of the convention for bad parkers, then we have to agree with the assessment of the guy doing the filming. He's a tourist visiting the beautiful ex-Yugoslavian country who is just mesmerized by the picturesque way Croatians park their cars.

An overview of this supermarket parking lot reveals the kind of disorder you wouldn't expect even if the pavement were unmarked. But it isn't, and the lines are as straight as they should be, and yet you will struggle to find a vehicle that is at least loosely aligned with the markings. Do they do it on purpose? Do they just don't care? Do they even bother to check if their car is parked correctly?

The answer to all of those questions is "no." Watching a few new cars arrive in the lot shows that these people simply don't see the point of parking in an orderly fashion. It's as if they say "life is too short to park between the lines" and simply squeeze the vehicle in, switch off the engine and go about their business. We wouldn't be surprised if they would actually do a better job had the asphalt been clear of any suggestion on where they should leave their cars.

So here's some good news for those who struggle with pulling a by the book parking maneuver: there's a place for your kind, and it's not hell. It's actually a very nice country with beautiful weather and a lovely coast where you also have the chance of featuring as an extra in Game of Thrones. If you can find a spot in the studio's parking lot, that is.



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