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Paris Hilton’s Lexus LFA Breaks Down in Beverly Hills

Proof that the Lexus LFA is a ‘true’ supercar in the purest sense of the word is the fact that it broke down for no apparent reason, leaving its precious celebrity cargo stranded somewhere in Beverly Hills. We are, of course, talking about Paris Hilton, who seems to be spending her money well - buying an LFA, even.
Paris' Lexus LFA 3 photos
Paris' Lexus LFAParis' Lexus LFA
The granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels empire, found herself in need of AAA help. Well, actually, her car didn’t actually brake down, with its reliable Toyota roots keeping it together in even the hardest of situations. What she actually did is leave her headlights on, and then leave the car in a parking lot. This drained the battery and she was unable to start the big V10.

Thankfully, a battery recharger and some jump leads later and she was on her way! So, we feel that we need to negate the aforementioned statement about the LFA being a ‘true’ supercar - it’s not, because it doesn’t break down. However, we do have Paris’ negligence coming into play and setting things straight amd balance everything out.


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