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Paolo Is the Minimalist Electric Scooter You Could 3D Print

Meet Paolo, the minimalist electric scooter for urban commuting. It's rather seldom when we stumble upon such projects that bear human names, as most creators seem to prefer to be as futuristic as possible.
Paolo by Josep Bolart 6 photos
Paolo by Josep BolartPaolo by Josep BolartPaolo by Josep BolartPaolo by Josep BolartPaolo by Josep Bolart
Now, Paolo does not bring anything revolutionary, and it makes no claims to set a new design trend. What it offers is pure simplicity, ease of use, refined looks and ultra-cheap mobility.

Bolart says that the frame could be made from machined aluminium, possibly from recycled metal. While aluminium definitely looks cool, we are positive that such a frame could be made from various types of recycled plastic or other polymers. Even more, most of the parts that make up Paolo could be 3D printed, in a factory or at home. That would mean easy replacement in case of damage, or if someone wants to change the color scheme of the scoot.A simple, straightforward design that exudes functionality
Though obviously a design centered on functionality, Paolo doesn't neglect good looks. The shapes are friendly, with smoothly rounded edges and mellow, inviting lines. Josep Bolart carefully hid certain things from plain sight, so one cannot spot any wires and other parts that can be usually seen on traditional and even other e-motorcycles.

Paolo comes with regenerative front brakes with dual-mode operation, and a watertight rear hub motor, while the battery pack and all the electronics are integrated into the body of the scoot. The saddle is adjustable, and so are the handlebars and the headlight.

The front end is very clean, thanks to a monoshock, while the rear suspension uses an air-ride system also tucked away from sight. The scooter can receive multiple cargo accessories and can be even left without one if so desired.

No detailed tech specs are offered, but Bolart says that Paolo is motivated by a 2 kW motor that produces 50 Nm (36.8 lb-ft) of torque. Also, a display is integrated into the very frame, offering multiple readings on the ride, battery status and more. Paolo can also communicate with your iPhone or Apple Watch. Bolart says that Paolo might become a reality in 2016, so stay tuned for more in this sweet ride.


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