Pangea Was a Landmass. Now, It’s a Luxury Expedition Vehicle Made by GXV

Pangea was once a landmass that included all seven continents. Today it’s a name given to an expedition vehicle able to conquer these seven continents and their terrains.
Pangea 15 photos
You may have heard us mention the Pangea before. But we feel you didn’t really get to know her. So Please pay close attention to the following things. First, the pictures. Really get a look and feel for it. Let the photos embed themselves into your mind, and then match them to the following text.

Global Expedition Vehicles or GXV for short is known for producing some awesome expedition conversions. One of their most prized and albeit expensive projects is the Pangea. Pangea is the name giving to the initial landmass from which all the Earths now visible continents broke off. With a name like that you’d be expecting something all-encompassing too. Don’t read that wrong, she resonates with what her name may intend.

But we’ve seen expedition vehicles before. Not necessarily like this. What’s so special about the Pangea series is that they have a raisable roof. It’s this trick that allow GXV to be one of the leaders in expedition vehicle sales. This raisable roof offers a boost of space nearly a third more in volume, allowing the Pangea to fit in more than your usual off-road home.

The conversion is suitable for medium-duty chassis with options from Kenworth, International, Freightliner, BAE, and Mercedes. The body length is of 19 ft (579 cm) with a width of 8 ft (243 cm). This home is connected to the chassis in a 4-point connection with two isolation bearing and two pivot points. This allows the truck to flex and bend without affect the body too much. All the paneling for the body is composed of closed-cell foam sandwiched between fiberglass reinforced polyester.

Now, all this space must be filled with something, and it is. To start off, in the kitchen we can find custom wood cabinets with handcrafted veneer, an induction top with two burners, a microwave convection oven and even granite countertops. The stainless steel Vitrifrigo fridge and freezer are set underneath the stove to use as occupy as little space as possible. To make sure your kitchen doesn’t start throwing knives at your guests, all drawers and cabinets are equipped with lockable latches.

The dining area is one of the more capable ones I've seen and can seat up to 6 guests. This area can also be converted into a 2nd sleeping area with a 60 x 80-in bedding. Underneath the booths you’ll find storage space, but if you want you can throw them out and opt for chairs.

Here's where it gets good. At the top of the vehicle is where you’ll find the main sleeping loft. Two queen size mattresses are revealed when the roof of the Pangea is raised. To get into your bedding, stairs lead the way. These same stairs are hinged to reveal a storage space underneath.

A shower that may even be big enough for two, is also housed underneath the stairs, ready with cassette toilet and a vanity cabinet with mirror. One of the accessories you can opt for is washer and dryer for your clothes.

As with most GXV vehicles, electrical components are covered by Mastervolt. But there’s also a 3200-watt diesel generator to power the LED lighting. If all fails, we always have our solar panels.

An HVAC unit by Webasto heats everything through thermostatic controls and can even pre-heat the engine in cold weather conditions.

A massive water supply feeds 140 gallons (532 l) of drinkable water and a 42-gallon (160 l) gray water tank for everything else.

We can also find a HDTV on a wall mount and Kenwood sound system with Bluetooth connectivity and a soundbar.

As with most expedition vehicles, this one two is customizable and comes with an array of options of modifications to be had. But with a starting price of 750000 US (633,000 Euro), you’d better have your checkbook ready.


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