Panasonic’s $1,287 E-Bicycle Has New Generation Li-Ion Batteries and a Top 54 Miles Range

Remember that partnership Panasonic has with Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory? Well, these new models of electric bicycles may not be related to it, but they do use a new generation of Li-Ion batteries.
The bike is also available with an optional child seat 6 photos
Photo: Panasonic
Bibi ELE-432Bibi ELE-432Bibi ELE-432Bibi ELE-432Bibi ELE-432
Panasonic has just announced it’s about to launch a new model of an electric bicycle that is not as much about the looks, as it is impressive through its performance. The motorized two-wheeler is dubbed Bibi ELE-432 and will be available in two size configurations of 24 inches and 26 inches.

Powered by a Li-Ion 16.0 Ah battery, the new model has a 21% better performance than the ELE-43, the previous model. It runs in three modes, depending on the rider's choice, with each one offering different distance coverage. The Power Mode reportedly can take the bike to 54 km (33.5 mi) while the Automatic Mode will add 9 km (5.6 mi) to it. But it’s the third mode that makes these new bicycles quite impressive.

The so-called Long Mode is truly lengthy, considering it hits the 88 km (54.6 miles) mark. The three modes may vary in speed, but for one charge it sure is worth lowering the pace. After all, this performance is similar to that of some Electric Vehicle models, if not better. Charging time does take about six hours, but one full battery is enough for a working week if you consider a 10 km (6.2 mile) commute, which is the average people cover in cities.

It should be noted that this two-wheeler does weigh a lot, with the body mass ranging between 28 kg (61 lbs) and 32 kg (70 lbs), depending on the model. Designed with a front basket for shopping, the bike is also available with an optional child seat.

According to Panasonic, the new models will hit the Japanese market in January next year and have a suggested retail price of 137,000 to 158,000 yen without taxes. In U.S. dollars, that means the most expensive package will not surpass a mere $1,200, which is a bargain by any cyclist standard. However, it remains unclear whether or not the Japanese company is planning to export the bicycle.
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