Pan Treetop Houses Raise Outdoor Living to a New Level With Suspended Lifestyle

In the search to live as close to nature as possible, one Norwegian team has taken things to a whole new level. Literally. You're about to meet Pan Tretopphytter, and their three treetop cabins.
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While living in a cabin outdoors isn't much of a big deal, one crew from Norway decided they've had enough with ground-level fun. They decided to design and build three treetop cabins made to take you away from anything happening on ground level.

Back in 2018, Pan Tretopphytter was opened by Kristian Rostad and Christine Mowinckel as an extension of their already-operational farm business. Utilizing a project design by civil architect Espen Surnevik and calculations made by Finn-Erik Nilsen, this crew has come to win multiple awards for design and innovation.

Now, let's get right into this whole ordeal. One thing you need to know about these constructions is that you'll have to go to Norway to experience them. This means airplane tickets, payment per nightly stay in a cabin, around 477 USD (422 EUR at current exchange rates) in January, for two adults, and any transport to get you to the top of the Norwegian outdoors.

But, when you finally get there, here's what you're going to get. First, you'll probably look at the construction and wonder how the heck it's even standing at all. Well, the architects have done their work as that funky mesh of steel beams is one of the most resistant designs around.

Pan Treetop House
Photo: Pan Tretopphytter
Aside from the fact that these legs are anchored into solid rock, their tolerance is calculated to be more than twice hurricane-force winds, deeming it safe for all Norwegian weather conditions. Sleep easy, whether it's raining, snowing, or even hailing.

Beyond the supports, the living space is revealed. However, you'll have to use the annexed spiral staircase to get here. While a staircase isn't much to talk about, I personally enjoy that there's a sort of safety net just in case you party a bit too much at ground level and need to safely make it back up.

To get a clear understanding of what awaits, there are three cabins to choose from. If you ever make it to the campgrounds, each Pan, as they're called, features an orientation that's meant to be in tune with nature. For example, each cabin is positioned with the natural movements of the sun in mind. This minimizes the use of man-made systems such as lighting.
However, this doesn't mean you won't find things like 4G connectivity, underfloor heating, electric power, and of course, shower and bathroom.

One cabin is only available for four guests, but depending on which of the three options you choose, you'll be able to bring along up to six guests, making these treetop structures just perfect for family gatherings. Have a bigger group? Rent more than one cabin.

Pan Bathroom
Photo: Even Baardseth via Pan Tretopphytter
Inside these babies, you'll find everything from linen sheets to fully-equipped kitchens and even fireplaces, all in the space of 40 square meters (430 square feet). But that view, though.

Now, if you want to explore even more of what Pan is offering, it would seem like the colder months feel like a perfect time to rent one of these habitats. Just imagine waking up to snow-covered peaks and forests while you enjoy a cup of hot cocoa from a bed suspended above the treetops. I think I'm taking a trip to Norway.

If you don't have it in you to make the trip out there but still want to bring this experience into your life, why not give the team a call and try a collaboration. Heck, why not start your own treetop house business.

Lately, we've been seeing a movement that's looking to bring people closer and closer to nature, and the Pan Tretopphytter looks like one of the places that successfully achieve that integration.

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