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Pamela Anderson Drives Barefoot in a Range Rover

When it comes to celebrities, we’re always in for a surprise as they always have ways of attracting attention. This time around, it’s all about Pamela Anderson and her particular way of her driving.
Pamela Anderson Drives Range Rover Barefoot 1 photo
The Canadian-American actress/model/producer/author/activist was just recently spotted driving her white Range Rover in a very interesting way, barefoot. We’re not exactly sure what was going on there, but from the looks of it, she didn’t seem that much of herself.

The 46 year-old blond sported a very natural look, no make-up and also, none of her gorgeous long blond hair. She hopped out of the luxurious SUV without any shoes on went to indulge herself in a serious shopping spree. The image wasn’t exactly the one we’ve been accustomed too, all glamorous and dolled up. Even so, she is still a beautiful woman no matter what she is or isn’t wearing. We believe that, due to wearing heels for such a long amount of time, her feet have suffered quite a lot. Therefore, she cannot stand them for far too long and so, barefoot-driving.

Concerning the Range Rover, we understand why she chose such a vehicle as it definitely matches her personality. It certainly exudes a powerful vibe, making one feel empowered and at the same time being quite subtlely aggressive as well as versatile.

Source: Daily Mail


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