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Pagani Huayra BC vs Huayra Tempesta Pack vs Huayra Comparo Is V12 Protein Shake

Road rallies are more popular than ever these days and for good reason. These events managed to offer us unique occasions, such as the comparison mentioned in the title.
Pagani Huayra BC vs Huayra Tempesta Pack vs Huayra Comparo 1 photo
Yesterday, we brought you a piece of footage from one of these events and when such an adventure is called the Pagani Raduno Rally, you know you'll be back on the topic. Well, here we are, bringing you another episode of the Pagani adventure.

This time, supercar spotter The Stradman chases about twenty Paganis through Italy's global warming-hit weather. Then again, getting to see the V12 velocity behemoths (read: Zondas and Huayras) being driven through an extreme rainstorm isn't even the most important part of the clip at the bottom of the page.

That title goes to a comparison, one that involves a "normal" Huayra, a Tempesto Package-fitted Huayra, as well as a Huayra BC. While those of you following our Pagani stories have seen all three incarnations of the Zonda's successor, this is the first time when they're brought together in front of the camera.

To put it shortly, when the Italian automaker introduced the Huayra BC limited edition at this year's Geneva Motor Show (20 units), the company also introduced the Pacchetto Tempesta. This is a retrofittable package built to help "standard" Huayra owners bring their machines closer to the specs delivered by the infamous BC model.

And speaking of Huayra shades, we'll remind you the fourth incarnation of the hypercar, namely the Roadster, was unveiled earlier this week. As we found out thanks to a leaked invitation, the open-top model was shown to customers during a private event that also helped Pagani inaugurate its new factory. So we should get to see the carbon fiber beast soon.

P.S.: For the record, the BC in the comparo is driven by Horacio Pagani himself.

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