Ozuna’s Water Activities Include an Electric Lift Surfboard and Underwater SEABOB Scooter

After getting his yacht, Ozuna has been spending quite a lot of time onboard. So, naturally, he searched for the most entertaining activities and showed some of the rich people’s toys: an electric surfboard and a high-end underwater scooter.
Ozuna on Lift Foils Surfboard 7 photos
Ozuna on Lift SurfboardOzuna's SEABOB underwater ScootersOzuna's Lift SurfboardOzuna's ENOC custom SEABOB underwater scooterOzuna's Lift SurfboardOzuna on Lift Surfboard
Just recently, Ozuna showed how he enjoyed himself on a Scout boat. He drove the boat on open water, giving us a glimpse of what’s like onboard, and showed off the boat’s four Mercury motors. Then he hopped a bit on his private yacht and went right on his private jet. All in less than 24 hours.

His fun isn’t over just yet, because the Puerto Rican singer introduced the rich people’s toys: an electric surfboard and an underwater scooter.

With a video showing the deck of his private yacht, Ozuna moves the camera towards his toys: a Lift surfboard, and two SEABOB underwater scooters.

In a video posted on his Instagram and attached below, the singer shows he rolls on water on the Lift Foils hydrofoil surfboard and jokes that “they’ve called me for the 007 movie, I’m thinking about it,” adding the hashtag “JamesOzu.” The board has a top speed of 22 knots (25 mph/ 40 kph) and an average price of $12,000.

When it comes to the underwater scooters he showed us in his Instagram Stories (which you can see in the gallery), they come from SEABOB. One of them is custom-made, wrapped to match the color of his album cover, ENOC (El Negrito, Ojos Claros which translates to the "black kid with bright eyes," which is also his catchphrase). The underwater device has an HD camera to film the surroundings and a camera on the information display. It reaches speeds of 12.4 mph (20 kph) over water and of 11.18 mph (18 kph) underwater. It is also equipped with a battery which operates for 60 minutes. It comes with a price tag of approximately $13,000.

Ozuna surely loves his private yacht, and, since he spends so much time on it, he shows the world how the upper class has fun both on land, on water, or up in the air.


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