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Oy Mate: Porsche Taycan Ute Looks Ready for the Australian Outback

Don’t worry, Porsche haven’t lost their mind – actually, purists might say otherwise. However, we’re not here to judge, nor to tell you that the 911 models are being outsold by crossovers (wait, we just did), but to bring forward a couple of renderings of the Taycan.
Porsche Taycan Ute - Rendering 6 photos
Porsche Taycan Ute - RenderingPorsche Taycan Ute - RenderingPorsche TaycanPorsche TaycanPorsche Taycan
Depicting the battery-electric vehicle as something that Aussies would call a ‘ute,’ they bear the signature of photo.chopshop on Instagram, and they made their way to the World Wide Web a few hours ago.

The car has remained the same up to the B pillars. The C pillars were moved forward in order to make room for the open bed behind the passenger compartment, which is the highlight of the build. A tailgate that resembles the original trunk lid, still hosting the ‘Porsche’ and ‘Taycan’ emblems in the middle, below the lighting strip linking the taillights together, provides access to it, and it is illuminated courtesy of two lights mounted on the roof, above the rear windscreen.

In order to make it happen, the rendering artist had to reshape the rear fenders, which are now much bigger than before. The doors haven’t been elongated, but the rear ones were deleted. Moreover, it has bigger three quarter windows that suit the new design much better. The wheels, exterior color, and everything else, including the interior, bar the rear seats, carry over from the real Taycan.

Now, you can ask Porsche as much as you want for an open-bed version of the Taycan, and they will tell you ‘no.’ After all, it’s bad enough for the sedans, minivans, and other body styles that are not crossovers in order for them to risk a lot of money on a body style that would fall into a niche. But hypothetically speaking, would you ever consider buying one if they gave it the green light for production?


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