Owner Finds Stolen Car on eBay 42 Years after Theft

A man in Texas managed to track his stolen car on eBay Motors in California 42 years after his pride and joy had been taken away from him. The owner, Robert Russell, was extremely proud of his 1967 Austin Healey (the example in the adjacent image is not the actual car) and had refused to give up searching the entire time.
1967 Austin Healey 1 photo
The car was stolen from his Philly home in 1970. It has been bought recently and Russel found it was missing when he came back from the second date with the woman that is now his wife.

During all these years, he has been randomly checking out eBay and a few weeks ago he spotted his car on eBay Motors in California. He immediately turned to the dealership that was offering it, as well as to the authorities for help.

Subsequently, the Los Angeles Police Department reactivated his file and the car was impounded. The Austin Healey, which was bought for $3000 (EUR2,450 ) back then, is now worth $23,000 (EUR18,750).


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