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Over 300% MSRP for a Hummer EV? Thanks, but…No Thanks

The auto industry seems to be plagued by opportunistic flippers giving away the goods for ridiculous prices. But with numbers like that, it’s hard to believe anybody’s actually selling anything.
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Seems like yesterday when the GM North American President sent an email warning the dealers against shameless price bumps on the 2023 Z06 Corvette. Then, with the price reveal of that same car, came with a wave of incentives to discourage bad sales practices.

But Chevrolet isn’t the only brand dealing with that issue. GMC’s Hummer EV is up next. With a starting price of about $85,000, the U.S. Army’s potential future EV of choice is now being sold by one person at over 3 times that amount, with a $300,000 price tag.

And the guy was so casual about it that he didn't even take the time to fill up the description.

That’s just one example, but there are others. Granted, they took a more “conservative” approach with the pricing, if you could say so, but most of them go over the $220,000 mark, with the “cheapest” one costing $218,000.

How’s that for a good deal, huh?

That said, there might be a reason these people are swinging for the fences with the markups. Most of what they’re selling are Edition 1 Hummers, which you can’t really get at the moment – the reservation list on the GMC website is currently full.

Besides, these monsters have up to 1,000 HP and up to 11,500 lb-ft of torque.

Now back in the real world, nobody’s stopping this guy from asking a stoopid price for that Hummer – it’s virtually brand-new and has no miles on it. But even if you can’t get it otherwise (at least not yet), nobody’s going to be throwing a $300k check at this guy any time soon, either.

We get it, the market is crazy at the moment, and EVs ain’t cheap. But you don’t have to outright extort someone to make a buck. There are other ways to make a profit, if you're smart about it. Just saying.


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