OutRunner Legged Robot Can Give Wheels a Run for Their Money

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OutRunner RobotOutRunner RobotOutRunner RobotOutRunner RobotOutRunner RobotOutRunner RobotOutRunner RobotOutRunner Robot
We've all seen the movies when robots take over the world and us humans are left outside the system. But who has ever considered that, while the car companies are fighting to win speed supremacy, there might come a day when the competition will have legs...
Well, it looks like it is possible. A small American robotics company, named Robotics Unlimited, is trying to show the world that movies are not just fiction anymore. Internationally recognized scientist, founder and CEO of the company, Dr. Sebastien Cotton, and electronics designer, Colton Black, have actually managed to develop the world’s fastest running robot. How fast? It will definitely outrun you while you’re doing your morning jogging, that we can tell.

The fast little monster comes in two models. The basic version called OutRunner Core is 1.5-foot tall, 3-pound heavy, has six legs and can move up to 10 mph. Its battery lasts up to one hour. The second model, OutRunner Performance, doubles the speed, having 12 legs and being a bit bigger. Both are driven by simple remote control.

The robot’s creators are pretty sure they will change the status quo of world robotics. “OutRunner is a biologically inspired legged robot that emulates running. Extremely fast, stable and efficient. We managed to brake the world speed record for legged robots, reaching 45 mph”, they explain.

At the moment, you can only get it through Kickstarter. Already having managed to get $20,365 through the site, the creators are trying to raise a total sum of $150,000 that they need it to finalize the robot design and to setup the manufacturing facilities.

The scientists have ambitions that don’t stop here, though. They say they will improve the performance and prepare updates for the customers. Who knows, maybe one day the OutRunner might after all outrun your car.

Just to prove they did, the creators of the little beast are eager to test it in a competition so they thought about organizing one. It’s going to be the world’s first running robot competition, some six months after they're putting the fist model on sale. According to scientist, every person will be able to enter the competition with their own customized robot.

Just don’t forget one important thing: even the best robot is nothing without a good driver.

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