Outrider's Coyote Is for the Physically Challenged Among Us, but Can Be Fun for Everyone

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Photo: Outrider USA
I recently stumbled upon a bit of a niche market, and one that's sparking smiles and endless happy moments. I'm talking about the off-road mobility market for disabled or injured people.
One team offering their know-how to this community is Outrider Coyote, an American team of designers, engineers, technicians, and a "lunch inspector," which is just another name for a dog. Strap in, and let's take a ride like few others can offer.

Now, the name Outrider may sound familiar since we've covered this crew's work before. However, I've never personally had the pleasure of diving deeper into what their 4WD Coyote is all about. To sum things up in just one sentence, the Coyote is a four-motor, AWD, off-road machine that brings fun no matter your physical capabilities or preferences.

But make no mistake—the Coyote is designed for those of us who need a tad of living assistance. Heck, Outrider states that they've been in this business for over 14 years now, so you know that this EV has been tuned over years of use.

Photo: Outrider USA
Overall, we're looking at a four-wheeler that is equipped with a motor into each wheel, but the real takeaway is that each of these babies cranks out a whopping 1,250 W. That's a total of 5,000 W for the entire vehicle. Why so much power? It's designed to literally crawl over debris, roots, over hills, all the while safely transporting its rider.

The catch here is that the top speed is limited to no more than 17 mph (27 kph). That is, however, a software-limited top speed, so if you're handy with a PC, mess around with that number. Just make sure to work within your warranty's guidelines. Still, if something like this got into my hands, I would lift all speed restrictions and really let it loose around town. I'd clearly change the tires if that were to be the case.

Yet, that's a pretty hungry drivetrain, so how is Outrider managing it all? Well, it all depends on your needs, but the manufacturer does allow you to strap four batteries to the Coyote, peaking at 6,048 Wh and good enough for a distance of up to 120 miles (193 km) on a full charge. Just a side note: that number's probably reached in a test set, so don't be surprised when you see it drop the moment you start riding off-road. Still, that's more than enough riding around to keep anyone happy, even at 17 mph.

Photo: Outrider USA
As we continue our exploration into the Coyote, we arrive at the frame and seating arrangement of the rider. Overall, the manufacturer's website makes no mention of what materials go into this EV, but if we consider that it weighs 220 lbs (100 kg), I'm guessing that a mixture of aluminum and steel is used. After all, if it's meant to be ridden off-road, you want the strength of steel and the lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum.

Then there's the driver's seat, which is inclined like those found on recumbent bikes. Two control levers are then added to the mix, and off we go. As you do, a full suspension will take care of any bumps the road throws at you, with 4 inches of travel at the front and 6.5 inches at the rear. With a set of 22-inch tires, ground clearance sits at 6.5 inches as well.

Other than that, the manufacturer mentions that the battery is enclosed in the lower part of the vehicle, keeping its center of gravity as low as possible and that it has an adjustable seat and footrest at the front. But, we can see the presence of disc brakes for stopping power and even a headlight to illuminate your way through the night.

Photo: Outrider USA
That said, how much can we expect to drop on one of these off-road monsters? Well, it all depends on the needs of the rider. For example, the most basic setup is the one-battery, all-black unit selling for $15 under $16K (€14,800 at current exchange rates). If you want a different paint job, it's going to run you an extra $400. Go for the full battery setup, and that number rises to $21,185 (€19,600), so quite a bit outside of most would-be owners' budgets, according to our readers, that is, and I couldn't agree more.

With that in mind, there are still plenty of people out there who are willing to spend this sort of cash on such an EV, and I can't blame them either. Some shots in this manufacturer's presentation videos really have me buzzing; I want to drift on wet beaches and ride through streams and snow, too!

Come to think of it, there's a darned good reason why Outrider has been a market presence for years. Since this crew is always updating and perfecting their design, we can expect them to be around for years. Heck, several videos have been posted on their YouTube channel since the beginning of the year, so things are constantly unfolding; maybe you know someone who would love to have one of these.

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