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Out of This World UFO 15X Teardrop-Style Camper Reveals All of Its Alien Secrets
I've seen teardrop campers and travel trailers explode into massive glamping habitats. However, when I woke up today, I didn't think I'd run across a glamping habitat that is an amalgam of RV living and style.

Out of This World UFO 15X Teardrop-Style Camper Reveals All of Its Alien Secrets

UFO 15X Camper ExteriorUFO 15X Camper ExteriorUFO 15X Camper ExteriorUFO 15X Camper Exterior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Exterior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Exterior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Exterior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Exterior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Exterior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Interior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Interior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Wet Bath (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Interior (Unfolded)UFO 15X Camper Exterior
Let's be honest, the world is a big place. This means that a lifetime of exploring isn't enough to see all the wonders we have at our disposal. But, to take you out of your cities and get you moving, most people look at an RV or travel trailer as an option. On the other hand, some folks decide to design and build their own, and such is the story of the UFO 15X expanding teardrop camper.

Yes, the machine we'll be exploring today is considered a teardrop camper, but its creators, UFO, is a team that doesn't even have a website yet; this is but a prototype and may remain that way if the market doesn't respond to its magic. Oh, and if you happen to fall in love with this RV by the end of this article, you can't buy one yet, but, according to Vintage Campers, you can give "Dan" a call and find out if you can get one built just for you.

The thing I found most interesting about this camper is that it's just a one-off design. Why is this an important aspect to consider? Simply because it means that out there, in some garages, people are still looking for ways to improve a design that has basically remained unchanged for decades. Sure, we've seen countless manufacturers of teardrop campers showing off what they feel is the most optimized version, but most, if not all, follow the same basic principles; living space inside and galley outside.

With that in mind, look at images in the gallery, and tell me if you've ever seen a teardrop camper like this one. I haven't. Yet, I've seen variations with the same mechanics as this trailer, but in RVs from back in the 40s and 50s, maybe even earlier, and rarely applied to teardrop style campers. So you can understand my amazement when I noticed that this bugger almost doubles in living space. Here's how it all goes down.

As you've arrived at the campgrounds you've marked on your map, the first thing you'll do is arrange the stabilizer legs on this bugger and proceed t unfold the lateral supports you see built into the shell. Yes, more stabilizing legs need to be added, but once you do, you'll unlock a habitat with four separate spaces, five if you count the central node from which the other four stem.

With all that in place, you'll have access to a living space arranged in a cross pattern. There's a wet bath at the very front of the camper that allows you to wash, brush your teeth, and even take care of the business. Notice the rudimentary can that acts as a toilet. I love that twist! Don't worry, running water is available too.

From the bathroom, the remaining three spaces can be arranged to house whatever you wish. You can sleep east to west and/or north to south; the choice is yours, and with a few electrical lines and lighting in place, this puppy is complete. If you choose to set one up, the galley will be located outside and placed upon another platform found mounted to the trailer. Speaking of mounting things to the UFO, the exterior is also suitable for carrying kayaks and other gear.

As for how this sucker is built, it appears to be rocking a steel chassis with one axle and a shell using an aluminum exterior skin and wooden paneling inside. If there's any insulation in this travel trailer, I couldn't see it. If you want to know more, just give Dan that call, as these test trailers will be made available to specific customers to provide feedback on the design and help create the ultimate UFO.

At the end of the day, prices aren't yet available, but considering the heavy use of wood and an aluminum exterior, I feel you could be looking at a design that tops off at around $20,000. This is just a figure that I would pay, tops. What about you? How much would you drop on a UFO?

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