Original BMW 8 Series Rendered as The Mid-Engined Supercar BMW "Never" Built

Aficionados have been dreaming about another mid-engined BMW supercar ever since the M1 went out of production back in 1981. And while the i8 does come with its internal combustion engine in the middle, it certainly doesn't fit the supercar label. Well, tired of all the waiting, the Internet has decided to brew its own Bimmer of the sort.
Mid-Engined BMW 8 Series 5 photos
Mid-Engined BMW 8 Series renderMid-Engined BMW 8 Series renderMid-Engined BMW 8 Series renderMid-Engined BMW 8 Series render
And this is how we ended up with a set of renderings portraying the original BMW 8 Series as a mid-engined supercar.

Now, as Rain Prisk, the digital art label behind this visual stunt, explains, there's more than a hint of Ferrari F355 here. And given the fact that the said Prancing Horse comes from the same era as the original 8er, this shouldn't surprise you.

And we can say the same about the idea of these renders using the first-gen BMW 8 Series as a starting point. After all, the second incarnation of the BMW 8 Series is now among us, so it's no wonder that the rendering realm has its sights on this badge.

Speaking of which, if you check out all the renders in the gallery above, you'll also notice a mid-engined take on the current 8er.

Now, those of you who are tuned into our pixel play tales might be familiar with the new 8 Series being portrayed as a mid-engined supercar, since we featured this image when the said artist first delivered it.

Returning to the original 8 Series, we'll remind you that, back in the day, BMW's Motorsport arm had clear requirements for placing its badge on a car. So while the idea of an M8 was taken into account, the 8 Series was eventually considered unfit for the role.

In fact, the Bavarians went as far as building an M8 prototype, but this front-engined V12 splendor never made it into showrooms. So here's to hoping the upcoming M8 makes up for that.


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