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Original 1962 Maserati 3500 GT Barn Find Sitting Since 1978 Will Blow Your Mind

The Maserati 3500 GT started its adventure in the car industry back in 1957 at the Geneva auto show when the carmaker presented the first two prototypes, while a convertible concept was showcased a year later at the Turin Motor Show.
1962 Maserati 3500 GT 6 photos
1962 Maserati GT 3500 barn find1962 Maserati GT 3500 barn find1962 Maserati GT 3500 barn find1962 Maserati GT 3500 barn find1962 Maserati GT 3500 barn find
However, the production of the 3500 GT kicked off in the last months of 1957, with all 18 units built by the end of the year selling almost instantly.

The 3500 GT received several improvements in the next few years, with the total production until 1964 when the model was dropped believed to count approximately 2,225 coupes and convertibles.

So if you’re looking for an original 3500 GT that hasn’t been restored or isn’t sitting in a garage as part of someone’s collection, this one is something rather difficult to find.

But Gullwing Motor Cars actually got their hands on a 1962 model, and best of all, it can be yours right now at the right price.

The 1962 Maserati 3500 GT was found sitting in a barn, and it’s believed it’s been parked since at least 1978. In other words, it spent the last 43 years in the same place without moving a single inch, though this doesn’t make the car less impressive.

It comes with the same rare, matching numbers and original engine with a five-speed gearbox and disc brakes, and the garage says it features an ivory with red leather interior.

The Maserati flexes a California black plate and is waiting for someone to restore it, so you should reach out to the dealer if you think this car should be part of your collection.

It goes without saying this is one of the best barn finds we’ve seen in a long time, as finding such a rare car is something that happens once in a lifetime. Of course, this Maserati can’t come cheap, so be ready to spend $225,000 for it.

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