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Origin8or’s Unique Honda CB750 Will Delight Your Eyesight

This beast does a great job at demonstrating its creators’ outstanding abilities.
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Honda CB750Honda CB750Honda CB750Honda CB750Honda CB750Honda CB750
One thing’s for sure, Honda’s fearsome CB750 is a hot favorite for bespoke creations of all shapes and sizes. Needless to say, this bad boy was a force to be reckoned with during the ‘70s. A 1978 model in the Japanese manufacturer’s range is powered by a relentless four-stroke DOHC inline-four behemoth, with four valves per cylinder head and a generous compression ratio of 9.2:1.

This fiendish piece of air-cooled machinery boasts a healthy displacement of 748cc. At 9,000 revs, the engine is fully capable of delivering up to 77 hp, while a malicious torque output of 48 pound-feet (65 Nm) will be accomplished at around 7,000 rpm. A six-speed gearbox is tasked with handing this power over to a chain final drive. Ultimately, the whole shebang leads to a respectable top speed of 125 mph (200 kph) and a quarter mile time of just 12.4 seconds.

Right, to say that Honda’s almighty CB750 was ahead of its time would be an understatement. This machine was a showstopper in the truest sense of the word. As such, I’ll bet Rob Chappell’s Origin8or had one hell of a time working their magic on a ‘78 variant, a few years back. Let’s take a second to analyze what’s at hand here, shall we?

For starters, the Canadian workshop proceeded to fabricate a custom loop-style tail section that supports a fresh saddle. The forks were then rebuilt, and the entire thing was rewired using state-of-the-art electricals, while stock lighting was removed to make room for aftermarket LED counterparts on both ends.

The Origin8or team disposed of CB750’s original Comstar hoops, replacing them with a pair of laced units that bring about some tasty vintage vibes. As to the rims, they are hugged tightly by Shinko Trail Master tires. You will also find a hand-crafted aluminum front fender, Renthal handlebars and a couple of new gauges, as well as a four-into-one exhaust system and a set of Keihin carburetors.

Needless to say, the end result is a fascinating creature that’ll perform like it just came off the production line!


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