Oregon Kills Lane Splitting Law-Making Initiative

The world is split (sic!) between those who understand the benefits of allowing riders to filter through slow or stuck traffic and those who have absolutely no clue about how it feels to be forced to stick with the rest in such a predicament.
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Unfortunately, those in the latter category have had the upper hand as far as law-making goes in the State of Oregon. The Oregon House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development put a stop to what looked like a promising endeavor to make lane splitting legal in the state.

Oregon SB694, which got a unanimous vote in the Senate Judiciary committee and passed with a comfortable two-thirds majority in the Oregon Senate, was denied access to a general vote by committee we mentioned one paragraph earlier.

Denying the truth does not change it

It looks like those that pinned down the Oregon lane-splitting law simply ignore what the current studies show on filtering. Such studies have been carried out by the California Highway Patrol and the Berkeley University and new ones are in development as we speak.

However, it looks like the "perceived danger" of such riding trumped the on-street evidence for reasons we'd better not mention here, as profanity is not tolerated in the editorial policy.

At the same time, it would be interesting to find out whether there are riders in the Oregon House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development... Honestly, we doubt it. As for the rather ignorant way the said committee remained deaf in front of multiple evidence, it funny, in a way, to see how certain people attempt to change truth by simply not being willing to accept it.

Oh, and by the way, isn't it funny that in many other places, riders can choose not to wear a helmet, and this is called liberty, while careful lane filtering is considered a major safety hazard? Find out more at Motorists in Favor of Lane Filtering in Oregon.
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