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Oracle Wheel Ring Light Installation Is Nifty

Some say that customizing a vehicle is like loaning money that you'll never see back. Of course, having bright green paint and 32-inch wheels will severely affect your chances of selling your truck, individuality is important when there are ten million other trucks just like yours.
Oracle Lights pickup 1 photo
Oracle Lights has something that really caught our truck-loving eye's attention, a ring light that you can install behind the wheels. You pay $200 for a set of four and install them onto the dust shield behind the roots.

The clip below shows how to install them on a pickup (looks like the Sierra HD), but they work just as well with anything that uses a rotor up to 15 inches. Pontiacs, a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette and Aston Martin Vantage have all been fitted with Oracle's system.

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