Optimism Is Hot and Will Give You a Taste of the Finer Things in Life for $180K a Week

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Life is short, and in the spirit of enjoying the finer things it has to offer, I've decided to bring to light what could be your "once-in-a-lifetime" trip. Oh, and it's all going to happen aboard the Optimism superyacht.
Folks, the lavish and toy-filled wonder before us today is none other than Optimism, a superyacht born in 2023 and whose owners have decided to use it as an opportunity to give others a taste of the very best this industry and even life, has to offer, all for a buck of course.

Speaking of bucks, you're going to need at least $180k (winter season) for a one-week stay aboard its lavish decks, and that doesn't include any other costs like fuel or whatever may arise along the way. Luckily for those of us that this sort of experience appeals to, Optimism can accommodate up to 12 guests, so divide that charter price by 12, and that's how much you're going to need to step on board. I did the math for you, and $15K is what you need to have put to the side to take this experience on. The question is, what are we throwing our money at, and is it worth it? That's precisely what we're here to find out.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Now, Opimism's story begins in the shipyards of none other than Gulf Craft, the one and the same born in 1982 and now operating out of the United Arab Emirates. If any brand this world has to offer has headquarters in this money-filled part of the world, you can bet your bottom dollar they mean business. Oh, and under Gulf Craft sits Majesty Yachts, the brand responsible for Optimism; they've been active since 1997.

That said, we're looking at a 121-foot (37 m) machine armed to the teeth with toys and vehicles designed to offer you an experience you'll take with you to the grave. Beyond all that, the interior spaces are sure to take anyone's breath away. I know I'd sit and stare for a bit before actually participating in the festivities.

With lounges decked out in classic marine colors, tattered with the finest leathers and fabrics available, and illuminated by natural and artificial light bouncing off natural and composite surfaces, how could you not take a moment to really get acquainted with this floating kingdom?

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Even exterior spaces are just as well thought-out and designed, with multiple materials, wood and fiberglass being the most common ones, all arranged to invite all 12 guests to moments of breakfast in the morning sun, sunbathing in the afternoon, or just plain old getting wasted! Why not make it a week that you actually won't remember; only your Instagram posts will remind you of what really went down.

Before we hop into the waters around this ship and get a feel for what sort of toys and activities are in store - there are plenty - allow me to attract your attention to the one space you're sure to bicker with your friends over, the owner's suite.

Located on the main deck at the front of the ship, Optimism places a beam-to-beam master suite at one lucky couple's disposal. Here, an ensuite bathroom, couch for relaxing, desk, and large windows will have you making a daily choice of whether or not to join the rest of the gang or just stay in and relax with breakfast served at your doorstep. It might be best just to use any of the multiple dining areas scattered all over the ship.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
As for the final piece, or rather, pieces, of this puzzle, let's drop all the lounging and eating and get out into the waters surrounding Optimism. One way this ship entices its guests is with countless toys and tenders aimed at only one purpose: your enjoyment.

Starting things off, a 38-foot Custom 369 tender is available to not only zip around hidden coves and bays but to drag your friends along on wakeboards and water skis. There's a second 4-m Williams tender, too, but it's the Waverunners you'll find me on, maybe the Seabobs.

Suppose you're into slightly more relaxing, watery activities. In that case, there are several inflatables on hand, fishing equipment, snorkeling gear, or you can just sit on the edge of the beach club with your feet dangling off the ship's deck. Others can whip up a BBQ and continue relaxing, doing absolutely nothing.

At the end of the day, all I've mentioned is but the tip of the iceberg in terms of what sort of experience really awaits; things are always better in the flesh. That said, all you have to do to take a trip with Optimism is get your family and friends together, talk it over, and then give any number of brokers a call and go from there; I've got a guy over at Northrop & Johnson, so you can call them up and tell them I sent you. Maybe they'll drop the price for you; be sure to take lots of photos.
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