Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor, Another LCD Visor Patent

Riding in strong sunlight is one thing few motorcyclist like to do without sunglasses. Using a transparent LCD film attached to the helmet visor is a Raleri invention dating years ago, but it looks like patent applier Hamid Saadat took things a bit further.
LCD used to dim the visor to hopefully become a widely-spread technology 1 photo
Photo: Nitro Helmets
Not so different from the Raleri invention, the new LCD screen for helmet visors uses sunlight po power up the screen. However, while the initial Raleri gadget relied on the power of the light source alone, thus becoming more or less inoperable in certain situations, the Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor uses a battery and a switch.

Sunlight charges the battery and the manual switch helps saving power in numerous scenarios. The LCD becomes lighter or darker, according to the light intensity, and this happens in fractions of a second, being truly useful.

The Optical Shutter Dimming Helmet Visor will hopefully follow in the steps of the Raleri one, easy to install in multiple helmets and removable.

We'd like to see these screens also coming with selectable dimming, since some riders prefer really dark sunglasses. And we're also curios about the shade of the LCD: each rider has a certain color he or she really hates, and wearing a visor which goes purple when dimmed may not appeal to all.
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