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Opel Insignia Ute Brings an El Camino-ish Vibe, Is Not Ready to Become a Buick Regal

Remember the good old days when several automakers used to offer pickup versions of normal passenger cars? Why of course you do, as no one can ever forget the Chevrolet El Camino, Ford Ranchero, or the lesser-known Dodge Rampage.
Opel Insignia Ute - Rendering 6 photos
Opel Insignia Ute - RenderingOpel InsigniaOpel InsigniaOpel InsigniaOpel Insignia
Inspired by these iconic models, several enthusiasts have turned all sorts of rides into two-seaters, with an open-bed design behind the passenger compartment. And as much as some of you would want this Opel Insignia Ute to be real, it’s not, as it came via photo.chopshop on Instagram.

Bringing a very Australian vibe, where its cousin, the Holden Commodore, can be found, this Opel Insignia has a slightly modified front end, with a new bumper. The hood does not seem to have changed at all, and neither have the headlights and grille. Still, there is new trim decorating the front fenders, right behind the wheels. The side skirts look different too, and so do the side mirrors, and doors.

Speaking of the latter, instead of four, this rendering portrays the mid-size car with two doors and a pair of tiny three-quarter windows toward the rear. The roof is much shorter, and everything culminates with an open bed at the back, fatter wheel arches, and brand-new rear fenders. It seems that the taillights are also different, and instead of a squared design, the fuel filler cap has a round shape. Finally, the pixel manipulator gave it new wheels with a black finish, matching the exterior color, which spin around the red brake calipers.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this rendering inspires someone to turn their Insignia into a real ute, though that would require a lot of time, money, and elbow grease. As for those of you who may be waiting for Opel or Vauxhall to turn it into a pickup, well, they won’t, so you’d better forget about it.


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