Opel Corsa Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Opel’s iconic supermini, the Corsa is celebrating its 30th birthday, having been launched on August 30th, 1982. The production of the first generation Corsa started in 1982 at the Figueruelas plant in Zaragoza, Spain, which was created specially for this car.
Opel Corsa: old and new 1 photo
Since then four generations of Corsa models were sold in 12 million examples. What’s more, Opel’s small and modern car platform have been used by a number of other cars. Up to and including August 2012, the Spanish plant in Zaragoza has produced 9.3 million Corsa. In addition, 2.5 million units have been built at the other European plant in Eisenach, Germany.

So in total, 20 million million were built including global Corsa derivatives within the GM family, in Latin America (Chevrolet), Australia (Holden), South Africa (Opel) and in China (as Buick Sail).

Currently, the Corsa represents 28% of all Opel and Vauxhall combined sales, representing the second best selling car they make after the Astra with about 30%.


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