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Opel Astra-e Plugs Into the Heart of Fantasy Land, Has the VW ID.3 in Its Sights

All it took for the latest generation Opel/Vauxhall Astra to become a battery-electric vehicle was a decent dose of CGI, because this model doesn’t exist in the real world, not yet anyway.
Opel Astra-e - Rendering 7 photos
Opel Astra-e - RenderingOpel Astra-e - RenderingOpel Astra-e - RenderingOpel Astra-e - RenderingOpel Astra-e - RenderingOpel Astra-e - Rendering
More on the things that are actually real in a few moments, as before that, we will delve right into the pics shared above, which came from kdesignag, as the artist is known on Instagram.

Using the brand-new Opel Astra L as a blank canvas, which entered production toward the end of 2021 at the company’s facility in Russelsheim, Germany, the pixel manipulator has had his way with it, turning it into a veritable battery-electric vehicle.

The Astra-e, as Opel and sister brand Vauxhall would likely name it, keeps the visual modifications to the minimum. In fact, it only has a new bumper at the front, with revised side trim, much smaller central air intake, and an apron-like piece that sports a different hue.

The back end was not changed at all, as everything that you see here soldiers on from the ICE-powered versions of the current Astra, save for the diffuser attachment, which is a bit wider. That fuel filler cap on the left rear fender would obviously be a charging port on the real car, and before wrapping it up, the rendering artist gave it new wheels.

Now, in case you missed last week’s report, Opel/Vauxhall are planning a hot hatch version of the next-gen battery-electric Astra. This information has been confirmed by Vauxhall’s chief of design, Mark Adams, who also spoke about the styling part, saying that there is a fine line between “sporty and dynamic,” and “harsh and aggressive.” A warm hatch variant of the car, perhaps with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, might be in the pipeline too, and all of them will be built on the EMP2 V3 platform, supposedly, which supports ICE, EV, and PHEV power.


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