Ontario Police Teases New Model X Cruiser, People Don't Agree with the Spending

OPP Tesla Model X 7 photos
Photo: Sgt. Kerry Schmidt on Facebook
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Having electric police cruisers makes sense if the authorities are looking to boost EV sales in their country or area. People who otherwise have no interest in this type of cars are going to hear the woosh as the cruiser goes by, wonder what that was, and look into it.
And when they do discover what it is, the fact the police is using them is going to translate into added confidence that they might suit their civilian needs as well. In the end, it all finalizes with a purchase and the EV gang has just earned itself a new member. The police, on the other hand, gets to look cool, especially with the younger generations. Win-win.

We've seen the LAPD toy with the idea of getting Tesla Model S patrol cars before agreeing on a deal with BMW for a fleet of 100 or so i3s. Over in Europe, the Bruxelles police force uses Tesla's sedan, and we're sure there are other examples we don't know of.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Canada started a teasing campaign on Facebook for its upcoming cruiser which it would reveal at the Canadian International Auto Show starting this Friday. The car - painted black and white and bearing the OPP's logo and golden lettering - was hidden under a wrinkly sheet with Sgt. Kerry Schmidt holding one of the corners up. He was basically lifting the skirt, which is the definition of a "teaser" even before cars were invented.

As it so often happens, the lifted the cloth a bit too high, and people realized they were looking at a Tesla Model X SUV. Later, a spy photo showing the Falcon Wing doors in action lifted any remaining doubt over the make and model of the mystery cruiser.

Naturally, not everybody was happy about the OPP's choice. Since the Model X can cost as high as $189,000 in Canada, their reluctance of greeting the news with open arms is understandable. The taxpayers immediately wondered whether their money couldn't have been put to better use.

Sgt. Schmidt was peppered with messages from angry locals who demanded to know how much it all cost. The OPP remained quiet about it, but we expect it to clear the water once the CIAS starts on Friday. We also doubt the Model X was paid for by the police - at least not in full. As we've mentioned, these things are usually publicity stunts that benefit both parties.
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